This is a frozen archive of the web site created by Mike Sadula which for for many years has been an important and much-appreciated reference for those planning on doing the Round. Sadly, Mike passed away in March 2009 - there is an obituary by John Armstrong here. The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club has archived the site in its latest available form (November 2008) here both as a useful reference and as a tribute to Mike Sadula. Now read on ...

The Bob Graham Round of 42 peaks is one of the most demanding challenges in England. With a ascent of app' 28,500ft and a app' distance of 74 miles.

These pages are to give the beginner an insight to the challenge. Most of the information on these pages are based on Bob Graham's traditional clock-wise route.


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I would like to thank everybody who has helped me with this site. Mike Sadula



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