The Big Day

When you are planing your start time, consider which leg you want to do in the dark, and imagine the worst possible conditions. If you have to stop at each peak to take bearings, then time is going to mount up. That why I think a midnight start is the best, with the lest amount of darkness, as it gets light after app' 3.30 - 4.00 a.m. and at the other end after Robinson you can run on the road back to Keswick if its dark.

Hopefully you had all your meetings, everything sorted out, everybody has a copy of the schedule and knows which leg and time they are going to do. To make the day run smothly, here are a few tips

Genereal requirements.

Paper-cups. Plastic-spoons. Knives. Tin-opener. Kettle. Teapot. Table. Folding-Chairs. Gas-stove. Flask. Rucksack. Head-Torch. Hat. Gloves. Tea. Coffee. Sugar. Milk. Juices. Cake. Biscuits. Water-bottles. Water.

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