This is a difficult topic as every one has there own preference to what they want to eat and drink. If you do not know what suits you , then try out the different types of food / drinks on training runs, not on your attempt.

ON THE MOVE. Old favourite are jam or honey sandwiches with or without banannas, or just banannas on their own. Jelly-babies, Biscuits,Dry-Fruit, Mar-bars are the old type energy bars. There are all sorts of new energy bars on the market now.This is also true for energy drinks, plus old favourities like orange juice, and good old stream water.

REST-STOPS. People eat and drink all sorts of things. The majority of my club members had cold Rice- Pudding and Peaches, another is Stew, Cakes, I've even heard of people having Fry-ups. Drink are Tea, Coffee, Soup, Orange Juice, Energy - Drinks, and Water.

I've not named any of the energy product brands on the market as these are changing all the time.


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