The weather plays a very important factor; it can make or break your attempt.

RAIN; Will make the rocks very slimy and greasy, so extreme caution is needed.

WIND; Depending on how strong it is, can blow you off your feet, or could even stop your attempt if it turns into GALE-FORCE ( on ridges ) Rain on its own will not lower the body temperature. WIND and RAIN can create a chill-factor which can low your body temperature ( HYPOTHERMIA )

MIST; This can make navigation difficult, this is when good navigators are worth their weight in gold.

SUNNY; Be sure your helpers carry plenty of water and drink reqularly, plus put on a sun block.

Any one, or a combination of these can slow you down, or even stop your attempt. So you need to be fit, have good navigators and helpers, plus have the right head on. ( it means being in the right frame of mind )

Make sure you have cagoule, hat and gloves with you.

The weather can change by the hour.

On the day make sure you take plenty of spare clothing, preferably lightweight thermals. Then if the weather is bad, it is always a good feeling to start your next leg in dry gear. But most important to have a good wind-proof top on, even when your dry clothes become wet.




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